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THANK YOU  to these amazing people for their donations to our 2018 production!


Karen Gillis

Scout James

Emily Moore

Dave Droxler

Adriana Baer

Rick Fulton

Matt Rogers and Iris Matthews

Anna Brenner

Nikki Weaver

Patton Reid

Frances Leach

Donabella Family

Howard Thoresen

Kaeli Meno

Elizabeth Jagusch

Ryan Conarro and Nick Ahrens

Nate Grams

Hannah Hessel Ratner

Adi Davis

Whitney Morse

Amanda Filori

Tai Yen Kim

Shirley W. Smith

Jess Smith

Brooke and Charlie Ratzat

Matt Brown 

Alec Dickinson and Tiffany Burns

Lisa-Marie Castro

Jonathan Vandenberg

T Sahara Meer

Bradford Allen

Bob and Danielle Hewitt

Sherry and Kim Henrickson

Pat and Henry Cox

Deb Turnbull



Want to help out but can’t donate money?

  • Are you a lawyer or know one who wants to help CAZART become a not for profit organization?

  • donate Alaska Air miles to help us get our guest artists to our beautiful state.